Origin Story

Mockup3d.com. Created by designers for designers.

Bringing 3D to Designers

He was once just an ordinary designer, but after Mockup 3D founder Jeremy Scharlack gained the superpowers of 3D, he knew that he could give the design world faster, easier and better mockups. As good as designers are at hacking together mockups in Photoshop, he knew they could do better.

He realized that with the improvements in real time 3D, designers could quickly make the changes they and their clients want right on a 3D object. They could easily create hard to simulate elements like foil stamping and spot varnish. And they could even show their clients fully rotatable 3D.

Letting Designers Focus on Design

But designers don't typically know 3D — they know about colors and type, not things like normal maps and UV unwrapping. If only someone could deal with that complicated 3D stuff, build the models and handle the lighting. Jeremy founded Mockup 3D to do just that.

Mockup 3D has been created by and for designers. They get the control and quality they need while retaining the ability to make changes quickly.