Layers for Mockup3D.

To see the layers click the "Images" Panel or hit the I key. The Images panel will open up.

Most options are in the Layer menu and have keyboard shortcuts.

Creating Layers

  • Image Layers: drag an image in
  • Color Layers: hit the C key

Replacing Images

  • Drag the new image on top of the layer. It should turn blue. Release

Changing Colors

  • Click the color icon toward the right of the layer
  • You can use hex, hsl, rgb or simply select a color

Moving Layers

  • Just click and drag in the canvas. Clicking will select the top layer
  • Move layers in the stack by dragging them up and down or using the brackets
  • Lock position with the lock icon or the L key
  • Rotate freely in the canvas or use the R key to jump 45 degrees
  • Scale freely in the canvas or hit F to fit and Z to reset the proportions


  • Hit the [M] icon or the M key to make a layer metallic
  • Any color can be metallic. A yellow will become gold and a grey will become silver.


  • Hit the [G] icon or the G key to make a layer glossy
  • The gloss amount of the layer can be adjusted. Double click on the layer and adjust the gloss slicer.
  • The gloss amount of the entire object can also be changed by a slider below the layers

More options

  • Double click the layer or it the [>] icon to open it up for more options:
    • Rename the layer
    • Adjust the gloss amount
    • Adjust the opacity

Layer Menu.