Frequently Asked Questions

Are my models and scenes private?

Yes. All your artwork is secure and confidential. None of you made public. Only the people you show it to will see it.

All images and data is encrypted and served only to those authorized to see it and only for a limited time. You can share a link with clients, but you can also disable sharing entirely.

Email us to learn more about our security and privacy. We could go on about https encryption and AWS querystrings.

Do you need to download software to view the 3D models?

No. All you need to do is send a link and anyone can view your 3D model on any modern computer or phone.

Do you have a model of ...?

Maybe not yet. Contact us. If there's demand for it, we'll make it generally available. Otherwise...

Can you make custom models?

Absolutely. Contact us for a quote. We can base it off any dielines you have.

Are they private?

Yes. Only you or your team will see them.

What images can I upload?

PSDs, PNGs, JPEGSs and GIFs so far. We will soon have support for PDFs which includes most recent Illustrator files (most AIs are PDF compatible).

Are there templates or guides for the models?

The templates for the models are based mostly on real world dielines. You can see them in the images panel and download them from the file menu. They are PNGs you can import into Illustrator, Photoshop or other software.

I'm stuck. How do I get out of this?

If you're stuck loading or something freezes, hit reload. All but your most recent edit will still be saved.

If you can't see the model, go to the Edit menu and hit "Reset" to reset the camera.

I found a bug.

That's not question, but please email support with what you found.